Slokas for your birth star

Jai Srimannarayana,

Daivadeenam Jagath Sarvam…Mantradeenamtu daivatam…..The entire universe is under the control of the supreme lord… and the lord bows for mantram…

The one that protects the one who chants the name is called “Mantram”. There are 1000 such names which you can chant… that is Vishnu Sahasranamam.

Incase if you dont have time to read the entire 1000 names i.e 108 slokas atleast you can read the 4 slokas that belongs to your star.

16 Aug, Tue – Yamanucharya and Pundarika:kshula Tirunakshatram

Jai Srimannarayana, Dear Bhagavad Bandus, Today is bhagvad yamunacharya’s and pundarikaaksha’s tirunakshtram (appearance day) Who are these great personalities ? How are they related to bhagvad ramanuja? Let us see through the guru parampara.

  • Parabrahman, Sriman Narayana (emberumaan)
  • Lakshmi (periya piraatti)
  • Visvaksena (senai mudaliyaar)
  • Nammalvar (kaari maaran sadagopan) (6th-8th centuries A.D.)


Aug 19, Fri – Samata Snanam – 

Samatha Snanam on August 19th 2016, on the Ghats of Krishna River

Samatha Snanam (Holy Bath with All) during Krishna Pushkaram in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Krishna Pushkaram resembles Kumbha Mela and is a festival of River Krishna, which occurs once in 12 years. The Pushkaram is observed for a period of 12 days and lakhs of people from all sections of society take holy bath in the river.

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