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Gosala (Cow Shed)

India was previously home to 72 species of indigenous cows. After independence we lost over 65% of them. All that remain are 26 species.The rest are either hybrid or cross breed. Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is on a mission to preserve the native species and protect them from becoming extinct.

Go:puja means worship of a cow (Go:ma:tha) along with her calf.  Go:puja  removes hardships of the people and blesses them with peace and happiness.  It also enables a person to achieve control over his senses. Go:puja is equivalent to a pradakshinam around the earth, recitation of Vedas and worship of Lord Vishnu.

Go:da:nam means donating a cow (Go:ma:tha) along with her calf. Go:da:nam  liberates the donor and his forefathers from the sins committed knowingly or unknowingly in their lives.  Go:da:nam is performed when a child is born in the family, during marriage, when a person passes away or in any other auspicious occasion. It bestows heavenly comforts on the donor. Departed souls will be relieved from the hells and from a treacherous river “Viraja” by doing Go:da:nam. The devathas in the cow will take care of the soul. It is equal to the benefits obtained by performing Ra:jasu:ya Ya:ga and donating unlimited amount of gold.

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