16th Jan 2022 – Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam

Jai Srimanna:ra:yana,

Wish you all an advanced Bho:gi and Sankra:nti wishes. Please join us for the Divine wedding of Sri Go:da Rangana:tha Swami on 16th Jan 2022, Sunday. The wedding followed by Bhogipandlu for the kids. This is a FREE event but please do RSVP which helps us to prepare logistics and prasadam. Thank you.

You also have an option to register an Ubayadari (Couple sitting in the Kalyanam) where you will be given Perumal photo frame, Perumal coin and Sesha vastras (Kanduva and Jacket piece). You will be performing the Pooja too at the venue.

The month Ma:rgasi:rsha promotes spirituality among the people. According to Solar calendar, this period becomes Dhanurma:sam. Go:da de:vi choose this month as appropriate to fulfil her divine desire. She imitated the Ka:thaya:yani Vratha of Go:pikas, for one month. Each day, A:nda:l composed one song and submitted at the Lotus feet of the Lord. Thus, she offered thirty songs in the form of a wonderful garland to Lord. These thirty Tamil pa:surams are called “Thiruppa:vai”.