Freqyently Asked Questions

  • General Questions about JET & its activities
  • Who is Jeeyar Swamy?

    His Holiness Chinna Srimannarayana Jeeyar Swamy is seer (ascetic). He has been ordained [chose the holy path] at a very young age when he was in his early 20s. Swamyji succeeded HH Srimannarayana Jeeyar swamy varu [sometimes referred to simply as Jeeyar Swamy varu or Pedda Jeeyar Swamy varu]

  • What is the lineage or tradition followed by Jeeyar Swamy?

    Swamy belongs to the Visishta-advaita school or lineage expounded by great Vaishnava scholar Ramanuja a seer and reformer who lived in the eleventh century [1017-1137CE]

  • Can any one join the JETUK?

    We always welcome those who are interested in service activities that we undertake. Contributions and participation are possible and essential to help us achieve what we want to do.

  • Will Swamiji visit UK?

    Swamyji is a well-wisher of all devotees wherever they may be. There are always demands on his time from various quarters. If adequate number of us join together and request, Swamyji will try to accommodate our request and will try to visit UK to bless us and also inspire us to know more about the message of Vedas and Upanishads to lead a good a virtuous life with an attitude of helping each other. Please keep checking this website for information of any forthcoming visits

  • What kind of support do you provide to the blind school?

    The school is within the JIVA campus and there are dedicated staff members working there to provide a good quality education including computer literacy and ICT skills to all the blind children. Any financial help we can provide will help in running the school or buying learning materials and resources and giving scholarships to children from families that cannot afford to spend on education.

  • Do you accept only large donations?

    Any amount that is given with a feeling of compassion is welcome.

  • What are the various schemes for which a donation can be given?

    Jeeyar Educational Trust has established a number of activities. The various examples include:
    (a) Educational activities such as the Vedic schools in Sita Nagaram and JIVA.
    (b) School for the visually challenge.
    (c) Annadhanam [serving food to one and all] at Badrinath in the lower Himalayas
    (d) Medical camps in rural areas in India where health facilities do not exist.
    (e) Cancer screening camps for early detection of cancer.
    Those interested can donate to any specific activity they wish to sponsor.

  • Will I be able to claim tax back?

    Yes. Jeeyar Educational Trust UK is a UK registered charity. All donations are eligibale for Gift-aid scheme and will qualify for tax relief which you have to claim through your tax return.

  • Where is your headquarters?

    The JETUK trust address is 324 Fieldend Road, Ruislip, London, HA4 9PA. However, our activities take place throughout the UK. A number of supporters and volunteers are spread around the country and from time to time they would be organising activities in different locations.

  • What kind of activities are organised by you?

    We have volunteer groups who meet once in a few weeks with a view to have discussions to develop better understanding of Hindu epics or Bhagavad Gita. There will also be special events for example, in early January usually, Goda Kalyanam is organised; for Bhishma Ekadasi recently we had organised the chanting of Vishnu Sahasra Nama. We have other activities planned including the organisation of service activities and also retreats especially when Swamyji visits UK.

  • Are you a Hindu organisation?

    We are not a religious mission or organisation solely for promoting religion. Our aim is to promote a better understanding of oneself and an attitude of service and respect. With regard to service, Swamyji’s message is to "serve all beings as service to God". With regard to faith, Swamyji emphasises "worship your own, respect all"


  • GiftAid
  • What is Gift Aid?

    If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by allowing charities to reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you. That’s a whopping 25p for every £1 you give.

  • How does Gift Aid work?

    If you're a UK taxpayer, add Gift Aid whenever you make a donation and the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift - that's a whopping 25p for every £1 you give.

    Higher rate tax payers can claim additional tax benefits for donations they make to charity, which you can keep or pass on to any charitable organisation. Simply indicate how much you have donated when completing your tax self-assessment form.

  • Am I eligible to make a Gift Aid declaration?

    To qualify for Gift Aid, you must pay an amount of UK tax (income tax and/or capital gains tax), which is equal to, or more than, the amount we will reclaim in the tax year (currently 25p for every £1 you donate).

  • Why do I need to make a declaration?

    The declaration gives JET UK the right to reclaim the tax from HMRC on your donations. By making the Gift Aid declaration, you are confirming that you are happy for us to do this.

  • What does the Gift Aid declaration commit me to, and does it cost me anything?

    It doesn’t cost you a penny! Making a Gift Aid declaration simply ensures that if you choose to join or donate, we can currently claim 25p* in tax relief for every £1 you give.

    *For any gift aided donations made before 6th April 2008, you can claim back 28p.

  • What you need to do for GiftAid?

    You need to make a Gift Aid declaration for the charity to claim. You usually do this by filling in a form - contact us at  if you haven’t got one.

    You must give a declaration to the charity you want to donate to through Gift Aid.

    You can include all donations from the last 4 years. Tell the charity about any tax years where you didn’t pay enough tax.

  • Donating straight from your wages or pension

    If your employer, company or personal pension provider runs a Payroll Giving scheme, you can donate straight from your wages or pension. This happens before tax is deducted from your income.

    Ask your employer or pension provider if they run a Payroll Giving scheme.

    You can’t donate to a community amateur sports club (CASC) through Payroll Giving. The tax relief you get depends on the rate of tax you pay. To donate £1, you pay:

    • 80p if you’re a lower rate taxpayer
    • 60p if you’re a higher rate taxpayer
    • 55p if you’re an additional rate taxpayer
  • How will I know if I pay income tax?

    Look at papers relating to the monies paid to you. Savings/bank accounts normally deduct tax at source so a bank statement will normally show if tax has been deducted. Individual share dividend certificates also show where tax has been deducted.

  • I don’t pay tax but my partner does. Can I still give Gift Aid?

    If you have a Family membership and your partner pays tax then he/she can tick the Gift Aid box provided that the membership is paid either from your partner’s account or from a jointly held or named account.

  • How will I know if I pay income tax on my pension?

    As a pensioner you will receive a P60 each year, keep this safe, it will show any tax deductions.

  • Do I pay capital gains tax?

    You are usually aware if you pay capital gains tax, as you would have had to declare it. This would have been declared by yourself or by your accountant/financial advisor.

  • I’m an adult paying for JEEYAR EDUCATIONAL TRUST on behalf of a child – is this subscription eligible for Gift Aid?

    Yes - the subscription will qualify if it is made by a parent or legal guardian on behalf of a child under the age of 18.

  • Do I have to indicate that I have made a Gift Aid declaration on a tax return?

    Not if you are a standard rate tax payer and do not receive a tax return from HM Revenue & Customs. However, if you do receive a tax return, you must declare the information.

  • Can Gift Aid be claimed retrospectively?

    BCT can claim Gift Aid retrospectively for up to four years. This means that if you make a declaration today, we can reclaim tax on the eligible subscriptions and donations you have made in the past four years, so long as you have paid enough tax to cover the total amount we are reclaiming. Make a declaration today and allow the support you’ve already given to BCT go even further!

  • What if I make my subscriptions / donations via CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)?

    If you normally give via CAF, the tax has already been reclaimed. However, please fill in the declaration anyway so that any separate donations you might make are tax effective as well.

  • Does Gift Aid affect any of the covenants (pledges) I have signed for in favour of the BCT so far?

    A Gift Aid declaration can replace any existing covenants you have, so there is no need to have separate covenants for your membership and or donations.

  • Can I withdraw a declaration on a particular gift?

    If, for any reason, you decide that your gift should not be included in Gift Aid – perhaps you realise that you will not pay enough tax to cover the tax reclaimed by us – then simply email us on  and we will amend your record to reflect this.

  • Can I stop giving?

    Completing a Gift Aid declaration does not put you under any obligation to give again – it merely ensures that we can reclaim tax on the donations that you have already made and any you may give in the future, so that your gifts go further at no extra cost to you.

  • What if I pay tax at the higher rate?

    We can only claim back tax at the basic rate, but that is still worth 25% extra on your donations to us, so please provide us with a declaration anyway.

    If you pay higher rate tax, you can claim the difference between the higher rate of tax and the basic rate of tax on the total (gross) value of your donation to JET UK. You can make this claim on your Self -assessment tax return if you were sent one. We would suggest speaking to your accountant if you would like to do this.

  • Where can I get further information?

    Email us on Or please visit: for more information about Gift Aid.

    More information can be found by on the Self - Assessment section of the HMRC website.

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