Satvik Food

Satvik Food - A Good habit for a healthy life

Food plays a vital role in the existence and regeneration of mankind.

The sloka recited by Lord Sri Krishna In Bhagavad Gita.

yuktha:ha:ra viha:rasya yuktha che:stasya karmasu
yuktha swapna:vabo:dhasya yo:go: bhavathi dukha ha:

Good food in turn brings good consequences internally and externally through our behaviour and attitude.

Video from Philip Wollen, Australian philanthropist, about Satvik Food Habit benefits to society


Philip Wollen, former Vice-President of Citibank and was also General Manager at Citicorp.

Wollen became a vegan following his departure from Citibank and is a prominent member of the animal rights movement. The following video tells about the how the spices getting extinct and what is the reason?

Let’s all watch it and take a decision why should we go for vegetarian diet.

The food that we consume is divided into three different types:

  1. Sa:thvikamu / Sa:thvik
  2. Ra:jasamu / Ra:jas
  3. Ta:masamu / Ta:mas

The kind of food that we take affects our soul, body and mind. The reason being the food consumed by us gets digested and is refined in a step by step process. Once refined the same food releases energy, sufficient for the functioning of the body, transforms into blood, flesh, cells, mind, will power, intelligence. In this process of digestion theory the person consuming the type of food is reflected in his personality thus affecting his mind, intelligence and willpower. Let us learn more about the types of food.

Sa:thvikamu / Sa:thvik: The foods that can be offered to the God. Vegetables, Fruits and Sweets. Some vegetables in our culture have also been prohibited because they are the cause for the rajas and thamas qualities in humans. Along with this, the holy book of Srimad Ramayana also depicts that Maharishi Vishvamithra with his will power has created a replica of the universe and galaxy in which some of the prohibited things have grown which include Onions, Garlic, Drum sticks, Sorrel leaves, Dudhi, Arbi etc. Consumption of Sa:tvik food leads to peacefulness, quality of speech, gladsomeness, good health, good children, good family, good society which in turn does good for everyone.

Ra:jasamu / Ra:jas: Too much of chilli, too much of sour, masalas, meat and alcohol are all said to be things that provoke rajas quality. Human body is not different from a temple. “Deho Devalayaproktho Devo Jeeva Sanathanah” or “Deho Devalayaproktho Jeevo Deva Sanathanah” the god resides in this human body just like in temple. So in such divine place we are not supposed to put  dead things like meat. Dead things are to be burnt or burried in the grave. Humans should not provoke to biological violence, kill or consume any living things. Because by eating dead things ones body becomes a grave which is a residence for evil and there is no place for god in such bodies. Consuming rajas food causes being furious, over emotional, loss of thinking, jealous and hatred.

Being sleepy, lazy, forgetfullness, slothfull and dormant mind are some of the qualities caused due to consumption of thamas food.