gift_aid_logoJETUK is a registered charity and also Gift Aid Approved. That means for every 1 pound you donate govt. contributes extra 25p, if you are a tax payer. Refer our FAQ page for more details on Gift Aid. You can download the gift aid form from the below link and either scan and mail to or post to our address 324 Fieldend Road, Ruislip, HA4 9PA.


Protecting heritage - Saving Vedas

You can be part of saving the remaining treasure

  • by studying Vedas or
  • supporting one who is studying Vedas or
  • help in preserving by printing the manuscripts.

Save Vedas! Only 12 out of 1131 branches exist today!! Vedas are a mass of divine sounds that created this Universe and are great treasures of knowledge responsible for sustenance of this Universe.

Statue of Equality
  • Statue symbolizes Equality that Ramanuja propounded
  • Includes 108 Divya Desams (Temples)
  • Architectural representations, educational, environmental, and social services
  • Guided insights into the cultural heritage, appropriate support for the eco-system and
  • many more

In order to celebrate 1000th birth anniversary of Acharya and as a mark of gratitude His Holiness Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is constructing a World’s second largest sitting statue of Bhagavad Ramanujacharya Swami of 216 feet height for Peace and Equality. The Statue of Equality is being built over 50 acres of land in Samshabad in the outskirts of Hyderabad.


We started manufacturing A:yurvedic products from cow dung and cow urine mixed with some other Ayurvedic herbs in our go:sa:la in 2012 after receiving training at Go: Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra at Nagpur, Maharashtra. Aayu is the brand name of our cow-based A:yurvedic products. The Atharva Veda used the word “Aayu paya” for cow-based products as these products increase life span and promote good health. Aayu means life or life-span.Hence we named the products ‘Aayu’.

Cow is an holy animal which posses great qualities and gives very valuable outputs.

Go:puja / Go:da:nam is equivalent to a pradakshinam around the earth, recitation of Vedas and worship of Lord Vishnu. Our mission is to preserve the native species and protect them from becoming extinct.

Jeeyar Gurukulams (A Ray of Hope for the Underprivileged)

Our #1 priority is the children’s future.  We believe in our efforts and conduct our schools to the highest standards. We truly appreciate your support in helping the forgotten children realize their dreams.  Jeeyar Gurukulams constantly work on improving and improvising new methods of teaching. Be a part of this effort and enjoy the happiness of serving!

With your Support the kids can do wonders!

The only schools providing quality and value based education, to the neglected and forgotten. A holistic educational experience bringing a change in thousands of lives for FREE

Nethra Vidyalaya (Institution for Visually Challenged)

80% of the outgoing students have secured jobs and are leading a livelihood making their parents and family proud and happy. Our students have been KEY PLAYERS in many winning national level games. HOLISTIC approach allows our students to learn, explore, relish, and excel in many activities such as YOGA, MUSIC and DANCE etc for FREE.

NETHRA VIDYALAYA is a group of institutions focused on providing VALUE BASED quality education, TECHNOLOGY ASSISTED learning, SELF-RELIANT life-style to blind children. It is THE FIRST institution in the WORLD that enabled blind children to take EXAMS ON LAPTOPS without the assistance of a scribe.

JIMS Hospital

Conceptual model of JIMS was formulated under the auspices of Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami to serve the rural and underserved population of Ranga Reddy district one of the fastest growing districts of Telangana. Our approach helps effective coordination between different schools of medicine to provide rational and cost effective results.

JIMS (Jeeyar Integrative Medical Services) operates on a patient centric integrative model providing comprehensive primary care at affordable cost. Guided by patients’ need, JIMS’s clinicians customize the treatment based on integration of Homoeopathy, Ayurveda and Modern medicine.