21 Jun - Take away message from the day's discourse of HH

  • Yoga is important for physical and mental health
  • Yoga to be performed every day to reep its benefits
  • Yoga is not just about physical exercise. It’s about practise of good thinking and contributing towards developing healthy community. True joy is to be experienced in the service of others.
  • WELL BEING and SERVICE are like 2 eyes and need to think of both for a healthy community.

21 Jun 2023

Highlights of the day

The Summer Solstice in UK is a day of reflection in the UK. On this day people flock at the ancient monument of Stonehenge and seek a spiritual connection. Quite aptly, the Summer Solstice in UK also happens to the celebrated the world over as International Yoga Day. On such an important day, which was also the second of his 2023 trip to the UK, Swamivaru’s message was not only Yoga centric but also one of service and wellbeing. Swamivaru, captured these two very important aspects of human life in two very inspiring and powerful discourses.

In his first discourse Swamivaru highlighted how true joy is to be experienced in the service of others. As an example of service to mankind, Swamivaru showcased how JET has championed the cause of women health – JET happens to be one of the frontrunners in raising awareness about Cervical Cancer in India. In his second discourse, Swamivaru revealed why Yoga was important and the benefits that it has on the human body. Swamivaru also mentioned Shree Narendra Modi’s excellent work in bringing awareness to Yoga through the International Yoga Day.

The day progressed with expert yoga teachers teaching us the benefits of yoga. JETUK also conducted a mini-Yoga boot camp at Chorleywood War Memorial Hall with people of all walks of life taking part. Some of the participants were as young as 6 years old while others were veterans with over 40 years of Yoga practice and experience. It was an ideal showcasing of Yoga, which is a very important aspect of our ancient culture.