30 Jun - Take away message from the day's discourse of HH

  • Acquiring knowledge is very important and using it for good purposes is much more important.
  • Utilise every opportunity of learning something and it will be useful some time in your life as like swamiji learnt Russian song in 3 sessions and again recollected after 20 years with which swamiji was able to bring all the audience together.
  • Save the culture and tradition by knowing and practising it. It will protect your kids.

30 Jun 2023, Friday, Evening

Highlights of the day

In a life full of busy schedules and commitments one easily forgets the purpose of life. For many by the time they pause and look back it might be too late to seek the purpose of life. Alwar says that this life is so very short and it in this short life fortunate are the ones who seek the eternal knowledge. Lord Hayagriva is the embodiment of all knowledge as a tribute to Lord Hayagriva, JETUK conducted the most auspicious Lakshmi Hayagriva Puja on 30th June 2023 at the Dartford Grammar School in Kent.

Every parent craves a place in a good Grammar school for their child and for this Lord Hayagriva’s blessings are essential. Along with that Lakshmi Hayagriva Puja was also performed for world peace and to seek lord Hayagriva’s blessings in matters of wealth, education and happiness. A packed hall filled with devotees immersed in a beautiful bhajan was a sight to behold. The puja commenced with the lighting of the lamp ceremony and was followed by a discourse by His Holiness Chinna Jeeyar Swamy, where Swamywaru revealed the greatness of Lord Hayagriva.

Swamyvaru then personally handed over the puja medallions to the yajamans and many devotees were also presented with mementos. The audience were also treated to a short yet lovely speech by Mahamahopadhyaya, Sri Samudrala Venkata Ranga Ramanujacharya Swami. The devotees then progressed with the puja as a ensemble of acclaimed vedic priests chanted the sacred vedic mantras. The event ended with a feast of delicious prasadam, which was served to all the devotees.