01 Jul - Take away message from the day's discourse of HH

  • When you have thirst and persistance to know something good, its always possible thought it seems impossible to know.
  • Never feel that you are alone. Always the supreme power is with us guiding all the way.
  • Keep thinking and talking about the glories of great Acharyas and great people. This will help to reach the heights in the life.
  • Good practises always feels like tough but it gives long term benefits.
  • Participate in the community events, make a healthy community and so you are.

01 Jul 2023, Saturday, Morning

Highlights of the day

On a very auspicious day – 01 July 2023, one of Swamy Sri Nathamunigal’s Thirunakshatram, team JETUK had the good fortune of performing the Ekasithi (81) Kalasabhishekam. Ekasithi Kalasabhishekam is a very significant divine ceremony which involves consecrating the Sri Rama Parivaram onto 9 times 9 or 81 divine vessels. The event took place in The Langley Academy, Slough.

The event commenced with the welcoming of devotees to the venue and a short message by Acharya His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to the assembled devotees. As a part of the ceremony, 81 vessels are filled with sacred abhisheka thirtham. Swamyvaru then gave a beautiful discourse outlining the life, glories and achievements of Swamy Sri Nathamunigal where Swamyvaru enlightened us about how Swamy Sri Nathamunigal gained access to the 4000 Divya prabandam, which is the foundation of Sri Vaishnavism. Swamyvaru revealed that Swamy Sri Nathamunigal was informed that by reciting Kanninun Sirutambu 12000 times with full devotion one could come face to face with Swamy Nammalwar. Consequently, Swamy Sri Nathamunigal fervently recited Kanninun Sirutambu 12000 times and then obtained the 4000 Divyapradabam from Swamy Nammalwar.

Without Kanninun Siruthambu we would not have had the good fortune of accessing the 4000 Divya Prabandams. Consequently, to show our respect and as a tribute to Swamy Sri Nathamunigal, all the devotees recited Kanninun Sirutambu along with Swamyvaru. Archana was then offered to deities and the water from the Kalasa vessels was sprinkled on the lotus feet of Sri Rama. This water was later sprinkled on all the devotees and this gives the participants the sanctity of bathing in all the holy rivers, an act which washes away the sins of many previous lives.

The yajamans were given a kalasam each with some abisheka theertam in it. Along with that, all the devotees were also given puja prasadam in the form of sacred oil that the Rama Parivaram was anointed with, turmeric offered in the puja and fruits.

The event ended with a feast of delicious prasadam, which was served to all the devotees.