24 Jun - Take away message from the day's discourse of HH

  • Prajna helps improves every ones memory power which can be used for any fields of your interest and for good causes.
  • Why Guru when God is accessible to everyone. (As explained with example in the hightlights section)
  • Be United, Serve and Be Saved by protecting Vedam.

24 Jun 2023, Saturday

Highlights of the day

On this day of Swamyvaru’s 2023 visit to the UK, JETUK organised the second Prajna Alumni Meetup in Chorleywood War Memorial Hall, Chorleywood. It was an opportunity for all the Prajna students to celebrate and showcase what they had learnt.

Prajna is a platform that trains the mind to learn better. Our minds also must be able to jump into any angle, direction to retrieve what it needs from the storage. Currently, we are not enabling the mind to use even 1/20,000th of the brain’s ability. Prajna vastly improves the mind’s retention and retrieval capabilities. Hundreds of prajna students are able to retrieve verses from 18 chapters of Srimad Bhagavad Gita jumping back and forth in whatever manner needed. There are various such avadhana prakriyaas that students are able to perform and awe everyone.

Swamivaru has given a beautiful example of who is guru and why we need Guru when we can interact and see the god directly?

The Lotus in the pond blossoms when there is sunshine. The moment sun goes off the lotus closes itself. Again when the sun comes up it blossms again. So the reason for the Lotus to survive and blossom is the Sun (which is God). Now as Lotus just need the Sun and came out of the pond just to have the sun only. What happens? The lotus gets dried and becomes of no use to anyone. As long as its in the pond in the water (Guidance of Guru) it can blossom. So Guru is that important in life and he shows path to reach the God.

At the second Prajna Alumni Meetup many students from the various UK Prajna chapters had assembled to perform songs and skits as a token of respect and gratitude to the lotus feet of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. The students couldn’t have asked for a better Alumni meet than one they had this year as it was in the presence His Holiness Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. All the students received their certificates and mementos from the hands of Swamiji. It was an morning to remember for everyone not least for the Prajnites. Swamiji appreciated the efforts of prajna families, students, teachers and everyone who was part of the event.

And some of the topics discussed with the children include…

🔅Does rote memorization help children?
🔅Why Guru when God is accessible to everyone?
🔅No life without the warmth of this ‘water’
🔅Save and be saved…

A quick excerpt of Swamiji’s message on these topics with the pictures from the event and more exclusively for you all. Click the below link for more information of the discourse by Swamivaru.