How to install on iOS, Android and Windows

Navigate to AppStore (iOS), Play store( Android), and Store (Windows) and search for Jai Acharya or Acharya jetuk or jetuk and you will be shown this icon (Inserticon) and click on the app and follow the instructions on the screen for installation and enjoy the divine nectar.


App Features

PRAJNA – For the better future of our kids and next generations to come. It helps us to learn about our culture and ancient heritage. You can either register as a teacher or a student.
EKADASI DATES – You will no more miss Ekadasi’s from now on. Our app will remind you of upcoming Ekadasi.
SLOKAS – For daily chanting. You have the lyrics in multiple languages along with audio with clear pronunciation.
PANCHANGAM – 2 years panchangam is available for reference.
STAR BASED SLOKAS – Read just 4 slokas as per your star for a happy life. Lyrics along with audio available.
DISCOURSES– Visit here for the latest discourses (Pravachanams) in multiple languages.
SONGS – Enjoy the glories of the lord and acharya in the form of songs. You will feel energized and relaxed.
UPCOMING EVENTS – Information about what’s happening and when so that you attend our events and get the blessings of the lord.
VIDEOS – Up to date and latest videos of events, celebrations, occasions, and many more .

App Services

PRIEST SERVICES – Priest services booking made more easy and convenient in just one click.
EDUCATION FOR BLIND – You will know more about our services for the visually challenged children.
HEALTH SERVICES – Thousands of needy were benefited from our health service. Check on the app for more details.
VEDIC INSTITUTIONS – To protect the Ancient vedic knowledge our acharya has gone extra mile in setting up Vedic institutions.
JEEYAR GURUKULAMS – FREE education, clothing, food, shelter for the under privileged. Tap here for more information.
GOSALA – Protect Cow. Protect Earth. Cow products plays a major role in healthy life. Please join us in this mission.

App Miscellaneous features

  • Upcoming project’s for the benefit of the society
  • FAQs
  • Share
  • Feedback
  • Live Streaming
  • Donate
  • Contact Us