01 Jul 2023 – 81 Kalasa:bhishe:kam @ Langley

Jai Srimannarayana,

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E:ka:si:thi Kalasa:bhishe:kam (Abhishekam with 81 kalasa:s) is performed to Hanumad Lakshmana Same:tha Sri Si:ta Ra:ma chandra swa:mi. Devotees registering as Yajama:n’s Donating £101 will receive the Abhishekam thi:rtham along with the Kalasam used for the abhishe:kam from the hands of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji.

Jai srimannarayana

We humbly invite you all in welcoming acharya His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji to Langley for performing E:ka:si:thi (81) Kalasa:bhishe:kam

E:ka:s:ithi Kalasa:bhishe:kam is a very important divine ceremony which involves consecrating the Sri: Ra:ma pariva:ram onto 9 times 9 or 81 divine vessels. As a part of the ceremony 81 vessels are filled with Abhishe:ka Thi:rtham. Then an Archana is offered to the main deity and the water from the Kalasa Vessels is sprinkled on the lotus feet of Sri: Ra:ma and then on the devotees.

The significance of the E:ka:si:thi Kalasa:bhishe:kam to Sri: Ra:ma pariva:ram is manifold. In particular, it gives the participants the sanctity of bathing in all the holy rivers which washes away the sins of many previous lives and ensures we purify ourselves.

The Langley Academy, Langley Road, Langley, SL3 7EF

Note: We aim to stick to the venue and schedule; however there might be slight delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Thanks for your cooperation.

07455 288695 | 07701 027267

Thank you.