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[service style=’2′ title=’200+ slide transitions’ icon=’fa-trophy’ link=’#’ ]
You can try out many of the available transitions in real-time! Just select a transition from the list and see how the slider animates.
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[service style=’2′ title=’13 skins’ icon=’fa-flag-checkered’ link=’#’ ]
You can easily customize these skins or if you need, your can create your own skin as well! (Skins PSD file is included in the package.)
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[service style=’2′ title=’Drag & Drop Captions’ icon=’fa-hand-o-up’ link=’#’ ]
You can select from three navigation types! These can be used with any skins and you can set the size of the thumbnails as well.

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[slogan btn_text=’Read More’ btn_link=’’ ]This is a well configured demo slider with a lot of image and text layers and also an embedded video. In this slider we are using many new transitions like skew or rotate layers in 3D. [/slogan]

[title style=’3′]General Features[/title]
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Super smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions with jQuery fallback
Fully responsive & multiple layouts support
High compatibility with many fallback features for old browsers
Lazy loading images for beter performance
Unlimited layers with image, video, audio, text or custom HTML content
Powerful API for more customization
SEO friendly
Multiple sliders can be added on the same page
Included free slide transition gallery
Very detailed documentation with examples
Unlimited variations of usage (image slider, image slider with text, content slider, video gallery slider, mixed content slider, banner rotator, carousel, etc.)
Free updates & support
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