Environment Protection

Go Green

Humans are mostly responsible for creating lot of pollution causing environmental hazards. Fossil fuels like gas oil and coal are burned every day in machines and factories for human needs causing the formation of poisonous gases. Thus, humans are responsible for polluting water with industrial and nuclear waste. HUMANS SHOULD TRY TO LIVE IN TUNE WITH NATURE.

Our goal is to

  • Encourage people to use less plastic
  • Promote usage of natural resources such as solar energy, wind etc
  • Demonstrate advantages of an environmental friendly lifestyle

Animal Protection

Cow plays a big role in pollution reduction and environment protection. Cow products are eco-friendly, chemical free.Every year 6 million cows are killed for meat. At this rate cows will become extinct in next 10 years. Let’s save the cow before they extinct.

Our goal is to:

  • Protect the indigenous breeds & encourage the use of cow products
  • Increase awareness about the importance of Cow & Miraculous medicinal properties of cow products
  • We conduct FREE Veterinary camps along with animal preservation camps focusing on cattle.