13 Jan 2023 – Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam @ Eastham

To celebrate this great occasion of Thirukalyanam which marks the end of Dhanur masam JETUK humbly invites all the devotees to please come along and take blessings of the divine couple Sri Goda Ranganatha.


It is a unique opportunity to cherish and relish our tradition by passing it on to the next generations.

About Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam:

Our beloved Mother Sri Go:da De:vi (Andal) performed a vratam in the devotional service to Lord Sri Ranganatha of Srirangam.  On behalf of all of us she prayed to Lord Ranganatha to bless us to fulfill all our desires. These prayers were sung in the form of 30 ecstatic pasurams called “Thiruppavai”.

Appearing in a Tulasi garden to Her father Vishnu Chitta (Periyalwar) in Sravana masam, poorva phalguni nakshatram, more than 5000 years ago in Srivilliputtur. She is an incarnation of Sri Bho:devi (the eternal consort of Lord Narayana). Her devotion and pure love towards Lord Ranganatha knew no bounds. It was Goda devi’s pure desire to get married to Lord Ranganatha. She always felt that she belonged to none other than Sri Ranganatha. To the extent that she wore the garlands that Periya:lwar used to prepare to be taken for Lord Ranganatha.  To fulfill this pure desire of our mother, Lord Ranganatha asked Periyalwar to bring Goda devi to Srirangam from Srivilliputtur. Once she entered the sanctum where Sri Ranganatha resides, due to his mercy she attained moksham in front of all the devotees. Periyalwar pleaded Sri Ranganatha for his daughter. To this Lord Ranganatha asked Periya:lwar to go back to Srivilliputtur to find her.

When Periya:lwar arrived back home to Srivilliputtur he saw Srimannarayana on His Garuda along with Goda Devi. To this day we can have their divine darshan in this holy place of Srivilliputtur.