21st Aug, Prajna Batch 1 – Session 4 completed


Jai Srimannarayana All,

21st Aug, Friday, we have completed the 4th session of Prajna batch1.

What is done in the session?

  1. Recapped all the earlier learnt slokas
  2. Learnt 6 new slokas
    1. Slokas to be chanted before taking prasadam(any food)
    2. Slokas praising the glory of Krishna & remembering Krishna

As Aug 26th being the Sri Jayanti kids were also taught about what is Sri Jayanti, why and how we celebrate, who is Vasudeva, devaki, Kamsa etc Wish you all a happy SRI JAYANTI.

Thanks to all the parents for their interest and motivation in teaching their children and kudos to the kids for learning them.

Next week we will learn few more slokas and one more story. In few more sessions we will complete module 1. Have a good time.


Prajna JETUK