9th April,Sun – West London – Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam

Jai Srimannarayana,

Wish you all a happy Ugadi and Sri Rama Navami.

Team JETUK & TeNF (Telangana NRI Forum) invite you for the kalyanam at West London

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The first day of Lunar Calendar is called Uga:di or Yuga:di. Ve:dic scriptures reveal that the creation was started on Yuga:di day. When Lord Na:ra:yana decided to start the creation from the Milk Ocean, a lotus flower emerged from his navel. When the lotus was opened, a four-headed Bramha was sitting in it. God gave him Ve:dic Knowledge and ordered him to start the creation with the help of Ve:das. Vedic Scriptures recommend 3 activities to be done on Yuga:di Day,

  1. Abhyangana Sna:nam
  2. Pancha:nga Sravanam
  3. Nimba Kusuma Bhakshanam


According to the Lunar Calendar, ‘Sri: Ra:ma Navami’ is celebrated on the 9th day of Chaithra month that comes during Vasantha Ruthu, the spring season. It was on this day that Lord Vishnu was born as Lord Ra:ma. The sage Va:lmi:ki revealed the whole story to us in the epic of ‘Sri: Ra:ma:yana’. The 9th day of Yuga:di was named as ‘Sri Ra:ma Navami’ in the memory of Lord Sri Ra:ma’s birth. Ra:ma went to the forest along with sage Viswa:mithra to guard the Yajna when he was twelve years old. To show his gratitude, sage Viswa:mithra took Ra:ma to Mithila and performed the marriage of all four brothers with the consent of their father. So, we celebrate the Si:tha Ra:ma Kalya:nam, the divine wedding function also on this Navami day.