hhinuk2023-day11 Evening

01 Jul - Take away message from the day's discourse of HH

  • When the ladies in the family are healthy, the family is strong. Similarly when the families are healthy the society is strong. When the societies are healthy the whole country is strong.
  • Keep contributing to the service activities of JET/VTS like Child Health care, Women Health care, Child Education (For Visually Challenged students, For Tribal Children etc) and many more for a better society.
  • The need of the hour is Unity and Unity only. Meet weekly, monthly and quarterly to show the bondness and do good to the society.

01 Jul 2023, Saturday, Evening

Highlights of the day

Swamywaru’s 2023 visit was a very special one for all of us at Team JETUK. However, like all good things this trip, or what felt like a festival, of Swamyvaru’s was about to come to a close too. Being cognizant of this fact, Team JETUK’s last event was the very special and much-awaited Roopanjali. True to its name, Roopanjali 2023 was a celebration of dance and music, albeit one that showcased the numerous selfless service activities undertaken by Swamiji. By establishing many a non-profit charitable institution, Swamyvaru has carried out numerous notable philanthropic activities ranging from establishing bodies that ensure the protection of animals to running cancer awareness camps. Roopanjali 2023 celebrated a few of these service activities.

After the sacred ‘Lighting of lamps’ ceremony, Diya Nalli, a student of Dheena Dhayalan Master, treated us to an enchanting Carnatic performance. This was followed by an array of spellbinding classical dance performances by Usha Raghavanji and her pupils at Kalasagara, UK. There were performances that highlighted Swamyvaru’s humungous effort to help tribal children and blind children with their educational needs. Also, there were captivating performances that showcased how Swamyvaru continues to ensure Vedic education remains relevant in this day and age. The final performance was by the master herself where Usha Raghavanji gave the most mesmerising of performances, which stuck a chord with the audience and culminated in a standing ovation.

The stage then belonged to Dr Anuradha Rani Uppaluri, who enlighted us on the problem of Autism and how it impacts children. By recounting her struggles as a mother of an autistic child, Dr. Anuradha was able to shine a light on a very important social problem that can be avoided by some simple but significant lifestyle choices that we could all make. As if it were divine intervention Roopanjali 2023 sowed the seed for Team JETUK’s latest initiative – “Arogya Vikas”.