25 Jun - Take away message from the day's discourse of HH

  • Everyone was amazed at how beautifully Swamiji explained how to go from being mundane to divine. Swamiji started off saying that one must streamline their heart, words and action in the way that there is a larger benefit to mankind rather than just for oneself or one sect or one community.
    manasye:kam vachasye:kam karmanye:kam sada:thmana:
    The path for that way is long established by time tested Vedic wisdom. Let us all bow to it and reap the benefits…

  • Life existed since 4000 million years. Ancient history reveals that people built the biggest of the biggest structures, provided medical support and saved lives, conducted mass communication in methods that did not harm nature and kept mother Earth happy

  • How can common people perform Yajna

25 Jun 2023, Sunday

Highlights of the day

On this day of 25th Jun 2023, Swamyvaru’s 2023 visit to the UK, JETUK showcased their flagship Sriyagam event. It is the only second time that JETUK have conducted Sriyagam in the UK.

The event unfolded in spectacular fashion starting with Swamyvaru’s grand welcome to the splendid ‘Fairlop Waters’ venue. A very loud Kerala-style welcome party brought Swamyvaru’s convoy to the venue. However, even the powerful vibrations emanating from the Kerala style drums could barely be heard behind the raucous chants of Jai SrimanNarayana from the assembled devotees.

Next, Vedic priests performed the essential Vedic rituals required to sanctify the venue and to invite the deities. Then, sacred water was sprinkled over our heads to cleanse us and to make us eligible recipients of Ammavaru’s grace. Swamyvaru explained the greatness of Mahalakshmi in our Sampradayam and revealed not only how one can invite Mahalakshmi to our humble abodes but also ensure that she stays in our hearts.

It was a live demonstration of how we can make our bodies a temple. Everyone was spellbound and in a trance. Tears of joy flowed over many peoples’ cheeks as they experienced Mahalakshmi in their hearts. Finally, yagaprasam was personally delivered to the participants by Swamyvaru himself and Swamyvaru also gave the participants the sacred Silver Ashtalakshmi deity to which puja had been performed. And also the Raagi kanakanas, Laddu, Ramanuja light and Medal is also been given. The event concluded with a grand feast that was served in traditional South Indian fashion on Banana leaves. Thanks to all the Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors, Devotees who made the event so blissful.

Message from the Dignitaries

“What an honour to be in the presence of this great Man. What wonderful words of wisdom!! Thank you so much for the talk here today. The message of peace you are taking around the world…You do great work in Hyderabad, but You are the real ambassador of peace. We need many more people like You in this world but we are so lucky to have You here in Redbridge. Fantastic, thank you so much!

I could listen to this Man all day long but I have to go to commemorate the death of a young lady murdered here a year ago…, I have to go to that… My God’s blessings with You and it’s been a great honour and privilege to be here”
– Keith Prince, Member of the London Assembly Havering and Redbridge

“Thank you Swami. It’s a real honour and privilege to be here and I have learnt a lot. I will certainly try to do the Ya:gam that You taught us now…”

– Jyotsna Islam, Madam Mayor,Redbridge, London