Jai Srimannarayana,

  • From 17th September onwards Thiruppavai Online learning sessions (Pronunciation along with meaning) will be started.
  • Every Sunday 6:30 to 7:00pm *.

What is Thiruppavai?

Thiruppavai written by one and only women Azhwa:r Anda:l, in praise of Lord Vishnu consists of 30 Pasurams (verses). They aim at removing the effects of bad karma, shows us how to reach the holy feet of Supreme. Thiruppavai is said to be “Vedam Anaithukkum Vithagum” meaning seed of all Vedic Knowledge.

Thiruppavai, given to us by Andal for conducting our day to day activities, devotion, understanding the ultimate reality and attain Mukti (salvation). In just 30 verses dripping with melody, sweetness and profundity, I have learned many lessons which have a great impact on my daily life.

What’s the significance of Thiruppavai?

Goda devi came into this world to teach many values and principles that all of mankind should follow. Goda devi was sent to earth to teach some rules and ways people should follow to reach the lord. This was happening because of mankind’s ways. In the past God took many incarnations and forms to set people on the right path of life. But as hard as he tried, they weren’t listening or understanding. God was upset and Andal came to the earth to teach people, she taught us that how to love god. She also taught us that how to communicate with god himself. Andal always proved the lord in vaikuntam is same as in our home as archamurthi and same in our heart are the same being. To reach the Lord, she said to approach gurus. Goda Devis said we should follow 3 main rules while worshiping the lord.

  1. Always chant the lords name.
  2. Offer beautiful flowers.
  3. Finally, always be in Satsang.

Now that we know all the things Andal taught us, we should implement these in our daily life. We can use the 3 ways when we worship God. To worship God at home, at the temple, service to all beings as service to god.

Why should we read Thiruppavai?

Tiruppavai is recited in honour of Andal who imparted a lot of necessary knowledge to us in very simple language through the poem.

When should I read Thiruppavai?

Thiruppavai can be chanted on all days, not just during Margazhi, although “Chanting Thiruppavai during Margazhi does have a distinct charm. It is indeed a blessing to be able to sing in temples early morning.