Nethra Vidyalaya is unique in that students are trained to write their Intermediate board and Degree exams on laptops without the help of scribes (helpers).


JIMS Hospital is located on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru Highway, just about 10 km from Samshabad International Airport. JIMS is an 100 bed hospital with two high-end operation theaters. JIMS Hospital is also equipped with a Trauma Center to deal with any casualties. The unique feature of JIMS is, it is located in a serene environment, close […]


Speak Truth, Always have faith in one self is what is taught here. Our intention is always to instill the self confidence and will power in the minds of young children. Our #1 priority is the children’s future. We believe in our efforts and conduct our services to the highest standards. We truly appreciate your support in […]

Environment Protection

Humans are mostly responsible for creating lot of pollution causing environmental hazards. Fossil fuels like gas oil and coal are burned every day in machines and factories for human needs causing the formation of poisonous gases. Thus, humans are responsible for polluting water with industrial and nuclear waste. HUMANS SHOULD TRY TO LIVE IN TUNE […]

Bhadra Vedi

Bhadra Vedi 54Feet High

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