Prajna 2nd Alumni Meet 2023

Welcome to Prajna 2nd Alumni Event 2023

Jai Srimannarayana,

Invitation to the prajnities to the 2nd Prajna Alumni meet on Saturday, 24th Jun 2023 @ Chorleywood War Memorial Hall, Common Rd, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth WD3 5LN.

It’s a great opportunity to meet Padma Bhushan Sri Chinna Jeeyar swamiji and students receive the certificate and memento from the hands of Swamiji. For sure it is going to be a memorable day. Please join us!

Registrations for new batch 2023-24 is now open. Please click here to register for the course and gain the chance to attend the 2nd Prajna Alumni meet. The new batch sessions will be starting from 17th Sep 2023, Sunday.

This event is ONLY for the Prajna Alumni and with registration only. If you need more information please email us at