Thank you – Swindon Srinivasa Kalyanam

A wonderful day out in this chilling and cheerful winter.

With 2 degrees Celsius temperature outside Devotees with lot of enthusiasm joined together to celebrate the Supreme Lord’s Kalyanam(Celestial Wedding)

Celebrations all around for the event with 60 days preparation, 30+ Volunteers, 300+ devotees from different cultures with 1 common goal of Supreme Lord’s Kalyanam.

Our Vedic resident priest Sriman Santhosh Swami has started the event with Deepa Prajvalana, followed by PALLAKI Seva, SUPRABHATA Seva and VISHNU SAHASRANAMA Parayanam(Chanting). Santhosh Swami explained the importance of Supreme Lord’s kalyanam on a Ekadasi day and explained few great qualities about the Lord mainly KSHAMA (forgiveness) Guna and SELFLESS (with out expecting any return benefit) service.

Kalyanam event was followed by Prasada vitarana(distribution), Statue of Equality ( Virtual reality show, Miniature stall of Kalyanam procedure, a photo booth, VTS Charity stall, wonderful colouring by the kids and cultural events. All the devotees felt the presence of the supreme lord at the venue. Devotees were enthralled with the Veda mantras and sannayi.

BIG THANK YOU to all the participants, volunteers and donors for making it a memorable day for every one. We keep praying to god for your family Health, Wealth and prosperity.