Thank you – 19 Jan 2020 – Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam

JETUK welcomed 2020 with a divine event - "Godha Ranganatha Kalyanam"

As is customary for us following the conclusion of the Margazhi month. On 19th Jan 2020, JETUK celebrated Godha Ranganatha Kalyanam with great pomp and splendor at London Sri Mahalakshmi Temple, Eastham, London from 10 am onwards.

The kalyanam started with the ‘Lighting of Lamps’ ceremony followed by everyone reciting all 30 Thiruppavai verses. This was followed by a procession of Perumal entering the arena with Perumal prestigiously seated on the golden pallaki. The Kalyanam was performed by Swamy Raman Battar, a resident priest at the temple, in strict adherence to Vedic regulations and encompassed all the main rituals associated with a divine Kalyanam including Punyahavachanam, Sudarshana Aradana, Rakshabandanam and Kalyana Mahotsavam. It would be important to mention that each step in the Kalyanam process was laid out and explained in meticulous detail by the Swamys such that all the assembled devotees became aware of all the Vedic rituals being performed and their significance to the Kalyanam.

This was followed by a lovely Malai Matrinal (a recount of changing of garlands ceremony by Aandal) dance and Varanamayiram (rolling of the coconuts), a traditional practice symbolising give and take in marriage. The wedding was followed by Sankranti Celebrations and Bhogipallu for the kids. The assembled devotees were in a divine trance and were further blessed by Swamy Praveen Bhattacharya who is an erudite scholar and priest representing the Srivilliputtur village and throughout the kalyanam there was a divine recitation of bhajans by Satya ji and Team. Following the kalyanam a delicious kalyana prasadam was served, which brought the proceedings of the day to a close. JETUK would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to the many volunteers, sponsors and devotes who made the events a grand success.