5 Sep,2015, Mon – Vighna Niva:rana Chathurtthi

Jai Srimannarayana Dear all Bhagavad Bandhus. Wish you all a Happy vighna niva:rana chathurtthi.

What is vighna niva:rana chathurtthi?


We expect success in any work we start. We expect to be successful, and to never face any problems or obstacles.

Yes, even though we try with all our efforts, we work hard, still we may not successful. That is why it is always advised to seek divine help, and to also try our best to achieve our goals.

Story of Vishwakse:na

Vishwakse:na is the commander-in-chief and the alter-ego of Lord Vishnu. He is highly obedient. He is the only one blessed with the great honor of receiving all the nirma:lyas frm the lord. Nirma:lyas refer to anything removed from the dieties. He only takes ‘se:sha pasada’ from the lord. Before starting any worship of lord Vishnu, Vishwakse:na should be worshipped first. His recommendations are accepted by the lord without any change.

There are hundreds of lieutenants under Vishwakse:na. Some of these soldiers have heads of different animals. These animals include elephants, horses, goats, and oxen, all of which represet valor.

Though we should pray Vishwakse:na every day, praying to him on this auspicious chathurtthi showers the devotees with the grace of Lord Vishnu and gives them success in all endeavors.

On this day we read the story of Syamanthakamani. This story shows how even great people may be subjected to blame. They too have to face obstacles. A common man usually cries and gives up when he faces trouble. Great people courageously face and deal with them. Similarly, we should not be scared of obstacles in life. We should have the courage and strength to conquer them.

So, we worship the Vighna Niva:rakas on this day to help us gain strength, overcome obstacles and achieve success. This is the day to gain such ability.

This story also depict that all the living beings should be respected and revered. Ve:dic people have put this into practice for million of years. Whether it is an animal, bird or any other living creature, we should care for them. Our gods use animals as their mounts – a rat for Gane:sa, an eagle for Vishnu, a peacock for Skanda, a swan for Brahma, etc. Living in unison with nature gives us an everlasting happiness.

Acharya devo: bhava. Acharya divya tirvadigale saranam.