09 Nov, 2016 (Wed) – Sri Pey Azhwar Tirunakshatram


Sri Pey Azhwar

Place: Mylapore in Chennai
Year: Siddarthi
Month: Aipasi
Star: Sadayam
Paksham: Sukla Paksham
Tithi: Navami
Amsam (incarnation of): Nandakam (divine Sword of the Supreme Lord)
Compilation: Mundram Thiruvandadi
Also known as: MahathAhvayar, Mayilaapuraadhipar


(Invocatory verse of glorification to an Acharya which is usually composed by a disciple)

dhrushtvA hrushtam thadhA vishNum ramayA mayilAdhipam
kUpE rakthOthpalE jAtham mahathAhvayam AsrayE

I surrender unto Peyazhwar who is the leader of Mylapore and was born out of a red lilly flower in a well and who attained great bliss by having the divine vision of Sriman Narayanan with Sri Mahalakshmi.

Azhwar’s history

Mudhal (first) azhwars consist of three azhwars all together.

Pey Azhwar is amongst the mudal azhwars. He appeared in a temple tank in a red Lilly flower.

He was so filled with bhakti towards Lord, he was moving around as a person who was possessed. Hence was called as Payen (means a possessed person)