Coconut Raita

How to prepare coconut raita ?coconut raita






  • grated coconut – 1/4 cup
  • grated ginger- 1/2 inch piece
  • fresh green chilli – 1
  • salt to taste
  • sugar- 1 tsp (optional)
  • yogurt/ curd – 2 cups (beaten/whisked)
  • water to adjust the consistency


  • In a blender, blend the grated coconut, ginger and fresh green chilli into a fine paste.
  • Transfer the coconut paste into a mixing bowl and to it add yogurt, salt and sugar (optional) to it and mix well.
  • Adjust the consistency of the raita to pourable liquid with water.
  • Serve it with rice or with rotis to Perumal and enjoy his prasadam