Acharya’s visit always has a purpose which is benefit to the community. Thank you all for supporting the events and taking Swamivaru’s blessings. Here are the highlights of each day of Swamivaru’s visit and vision for the next year(s). You can click on each day to see the message Swami varu has given and enjoy the pics and videos.

Swamyvaru’s vision for next few years gyrates around the 4 aspects listed below:

  1. Women health care – South Asian and Indian women are at greatest risk of developing Cervical cancer. Though women are the fulcrum of a family, their role in the family is underestimated and often taken for granted. Swamyvaru realises that to ensure our society is healthy, families need to be healthy and for families to be healthy the pivot of the family needs to be healthy.
  2. Children health care – Children are the future of our society and it is our moral obligation to ensure they stay healthy. Swamyvaru has a vision to ensure that children lead a healthy life and for this His Holiness has developed several herbal concoctions, derived from ancient Vedic texts, that aid in the strenghtening of children’s immune systems.
  3. Satsang chapters – It is the duty of everyone in society to ensure our roots are strenghtened, and that we do not forget our traditions and values. Along with that we also need to ensure that we are abreast with the wisdom that our Vedic texts impart and that we are capable of propogating the Vedic wisdom. To ensure this, local Satsang chapters have been proposed, where healthy discussions on Vedic topics would take place. Swamyvaru is particular that these sessions should not focus on prasadam distribution as this would dilute the focus of the local Satsang groups.
  4. PrajnaPrajna is a series of personality development classes conducted for the benefit of everyone. Its purpose is to translate good knowledge into action. Though Prajna has come a long way there is still a lot to do in our area and Swamyvaru proposes that the good work done by Team JETUK in this area continues.