Jai Srimannarayana,
Very soon (mostly in first week of October) we will be starting the classes for learning Sanskrit .

  • Course will be divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Expert levels. More details on each phase will be published soon.
  • The classes duration and timings also will be published soon.
  • Every week exercies will be given which need to completed.

Why to learn Sanskrit?

  • Sanskrit reduces ambiguity in speaking and writing: Each word is aware of its roots and often refers back to them, resulting in a smooth relation between the word and its context. As a result, each word conveys an expression without ambiguity when used correctly in a sentence.
  • The grammar of Sanskrit is so rigorous and specific in its semantic networks it has been compared to computer programming languages.

What are the benefits of learning Sanskrit?

  • It promotes other languages as well. It also provides abundant knowledge on varied subjects. Furthermore, Sanskrit texts have ample knowledge of various topics, like health and medicine, astrology, mathematics, political science and much more. Besides, it is without a doubt the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.