Ticket and Human Life. Musuem and God.

Acharya Sookthulu

When you have a ticket in your hand to see a museum within an hour, you should see it. But if you waste your time by appreciating the beauty of your ticket instead of the objects in the museum you will soon be sent out. This body is like a ticket to the museum of this universe. Through this perceive God in this Universe, and attain the bliss par-excellence by proper means of service to Him. Man alone has this ticket and hence he can think of the relationship between Nature and God (Prakruti and Purusha). If you adore your body and do not use it as a means to this, the bell rings for the exit of the soul (Jiva).

Let’s all see the museum(God) before the bell rings and make it a purposeful visit.

Acharya Divya Tiruvadigale Saranam.

Guru parampara