What is the relationship between Us and the Universe?

Acharya Sooktulu

The need today is to understand the relationship between material and spiritual pursuits, taking care to see that all material pursuits are an aid to spiritual uplift. The needs of the body must be met. But those who direct all their efforts towards satisfying their physical needs are no different from animals. Material possessions are necessary, but they should serve only as an aid to nobler quests. But what is man doing today? If we ever approach the higher power, we does so to seek favors in the material world. The inherent tendency of the mind is to seek that which is endowed with beautiful, Divine, and exalted qualities. The mind is constantly in search of supreme solace and joy, which can be found only by treading the path of spirituality. When you realise that there is something, far greater than the mundane things of the world, your attention will be directed towards it – call it Self or God. This power is infinitely greater than nature.

When we understand the relationship between our self and the universe, we will endeavour to create harmony.

Acharya Divya Tiruvadigale Saranam

Rama Padukalu