What is parents role for the children and society?

Acharya sookthulu

Specially to children, the Swamiji says : children are like receptacles who can retain what is poured into them. Even as the roots of the tree when nourished, result in rich foliage and bumper harvest of fruits. Similarly children when fed with knowledge of God, taught discipline and trained in maintaining good conduct, will work for society’s good. They should be made aware of the efficacy of prayers. The Swamiji’s advise is that every devoted individual can worship God he chooses, in whichever form he likes but there should be no hatred or disrespect to other deities. By worshipping a single God,the power of concentration increases and hence one is advised not to dissipate one’s spiritual energy on diverse deities. One can do Aradhana (worship) to God of one’s liking and Adarana (respect) to other deities. People should participate in Yagas and He points out how during the Bhopal gas tragedy, the family which was conducting regularly the Agnihotram, remained unaffected by the poisonous gas.

So parents please try to inculcate the knowledge of God, Discipline, Good Conduct and create responsible citizens.

Sveeya Aradhana Sarva Adarana (Worship Your Own…Respect All)

Acharya Divya Tiruvadigale Saranam.