Aug 19, Fri – Samata Snanam – 

Samatha Snanam on August 19th 2016, on the Ghats of Krishna River

Samatha Snanam (Holy Bath with All) during Krishna Pushkaram in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Krishna Pushkaram resembles Kumbha Mela and is a festival of River Krishna, which occurs once in 12 years. The Pushkaram is observed for a period of 12 days and lakhs of people from all sections of society take holy bath in the river.

Nature exhorts us to live like a CLOUD

Jai Srimannarayana

Acharya Sookthulu

The ocean water never goes dry even if millions of fish drink it. The sea-water is drunk by both, the cloud as well as the Badabagm (fire in the Ocean). The latter’s thirst never gets quenched despite the heavy intake of water from centuries. Yet, it is of no avail.

What should be our goal?

Jai Srimannarayana

Acharya Sooktulu

Most of the times the realisation of happiness is more when you are with your friends and well-wishers than when you are alone in your room. When you mingle with others with your heart and mind, you think of them more and you feel like doing some good service to them.

Ticket and Human Life. Musuem and God.

Acharya Sookthulu

When you have a ticket in your hand to see a museum within an hour, you should see it. But if you waste your time by appreciating the beauty of your ticket instead of the objects in the museum you will soon be sent out. This body is like a ticket to the museum of this universe.

What is parents role for the children and society?

Acharya sookthulu

Specially to children, the Swamiji says : children are like receptacles who can retain what is poured into them. Even as the roots of the tree when nourished, result in rich foliage and bumper harvest of fruits. Similarly children when fed with knowledge of God, taught discipline and trained in maintaining good conduct,

Jivanam Vs Ujjivanam – What’s the difference?

Jivanam Vs Ujjivanam – What’s the difference?

If one eats, moves, sleeps and reproduces, it is called “LIVING” (Jivanam). But in addition to these, if one ponders over the question “Who am I?”, it is a high form of living (Ujjivanam). Those who want to live on a higher plane are concerned with five things,