PRAJNA – Batch 2024-2025 – Registrations are open

Prajna Student RegistrationLogin to the Prajna Website Jai Srimannarayana, Team JETUK is happy to inform you that the 2024-2025 batch registrations for the Prajna course is now open. First time users: New parents please click the "Prajna Student Registration" button. Existing users: For the existing accounts to enrol into the next module please click the [...]

29 Jun 2024 – Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam @ Rugby

Dear All Bhagavadh Bandhus, JETUK invites every one for the celestial wedding of Sri: Bhu: Same:tha Sri:niva:sa Kalyanam. It’s a FREE event to attend with seva opportunities for the kalyanam. Please contact the volunteers are mentioned in the flyer for any information. Event Agenda 9:30 am till 3pm Pallaki Seva Divine Kalyanam Prasada Vitharana More [...]

Sama:varthanam – Prajna Students Graduation Ceremony and more…

Jai Srimannarayana, Welcome to the Sama:varthanam 2024 event of our Prajna Students Gradutation Ceremony and more. We are performing the event at 2 locations (Chorleywood and Manchester). Full program details will be published soon. This event is dedicated to all our Prajna students and families. Any parents who would want to join their child or [...]