Nature exhorts us to live like a CLOUD

Jai Srimannarayana

Acharya Sookthulu

The ocean water never goes dry even if millions of fish drink it. The sea-water is drunk by both, the cloud as well as the Badabagm (fire in the Ocean). The latter’s thirst never gets quenched despite the heavy intake of water from centuries. Yet, it is of no avail. In this world also, there are many people who fall in this category. Deeply engrossed in their insatiable thirst for the worldly things, they never think of helping others. Such lives are futile. Whereas the cloud drinks salty and hard water from the sea yet it gives away cool, sweet and soft water to the thirsty even in the hot summer. Good people, like the clouds, seek pleasure in serving others. Nature exhorts us to live like a cloud.

Let’s all try to be like the clouds and be the reason for happiness in others life.