What does Jeeyar means?

What does JEEYAR means?
A Jeeyar is a Vaishnavite Sanyasi. The word Jeeyar in Sanskrit is based on the root Jee-jaye, to win i.e., one who has controlled all his senses victoriously (Jayaseela) and is able to win over the challenges posed by others by means of arguments for which he has to master Vedic lore and Sastras. The other suffix of “Yar” is the symbol of respect to an ascetic, drawn from Tamil tradition. That is how the word is coined as Jeeyar.

Among the Jeeyars there are two types. The first type concentrate on the administration of temples and know the Divya Prabhandams. The others must take to preaching by going around the country, having mastered the scriptures. Some Jeeyars like that of are both administrators and preachers.