Go:puja / Go:da:nam is equivalent to a pradakshinam around the earth, recitation of Vedas and worship of Lord Vishnu. Our mission is to preserve the native species and protect them from becoming extinct. Cow is an holy animal which posses great qualities and gives very valuable outputs.

We started manufacturing A:yurvedic products from cow dung and cow urine mixed with some other Ayurvedic herbs in our go:sa:la in 2012 after receiving training at Go: Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra at Nagpur,

Veda Parirakshana

Save Vedas!
Only 12 out of 1131 branches exist today!!

Vedas are a mass of divine sounds that created this Universe. They are great treasures of knowledge responsible for sustenance of this Universe. Out of 1131 branches only 12 branches are available today and the remaining are lost.

HH Tirunakshatram 2015 Celebrations

O:m Asmad Gurubhyo:namaha

Jai Srimannarayana, with the grace of our Acharya HH Chinna Jeeyar swamiji, we were fortunate to celebrate his tirunakshatram in Eastham, London, UK. Adding to the celebrations that were done on 11th Nov 2015(Wed), we did grandly celebrate the tirunakshatram event on the following weekend on 15th Nov 2015 (Sun) 10am till 3pm.
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